Congratulations! from the ICoMMS 2021 committee. Certificates will be emailed to the winners

Best Paper Award

Motion Simulation for Triangular-Shaped Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (TAUV) with Controllable Rudder
Inani Yusra Amran from UTHM, Malaysia
Khalid Isa from UTHM, Malaysia

Cost of Energy Losses for Distributed Generation using Hybrid Evolutionary Programming-Firefly Algorithm
Noor Najwa Husnaini Mohammad Husni from UniMAP, Malaysia Siti Rafidah Abdul Rahim from UniMAP, Malaysia Mohd Rafi Adzman from UniMAP, Malaysia Muhamad Hatta Hussain from UniMAP, Malaysia Ismail Musirin from UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia

Best Presenter

Session 1
Mr. Lugieshwaran a/l Munian (1-6)
Aggressive Level Based on Buss Perry Questionnaire (BPQ) and Brain Signal

Session 2
Mr. Ooi Boon Pin (2-7)
A Study of Extreme Learning Machine on Small Sample-Sized Classification Problems

Session 3
Mr. Lim Rui Yang (3-3)
Design and Development of IoT based Garbage Monitoring and Management System

Session 4
Mr. Muhamad Nazri Omar (4-5)
Wireless Control Modelling for Overhead Crane

Session 5
Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Zuradzman Mohamad Razlan (5-7)
Thermal Management System Analysis Concentrate on Air Forced Cooling for Small Space   Compartment and Heat Load

Session 6
Mr. Zaffry Hadi Mohd Juffry (6-3)
CFD Analysis on the Effect of Temperature on Gas Distribution in Indoor Environment

Session 7
Ir. Ts. Wan Mohd Nooriman Wan Yahya (7-4)
Fuzzy Logic Based Prediction of Micronutrients Demand for Harumanis Mango Growth Cycles

Session 8
Ir. Dr. Huzein Fahmi Hawari (8-1)
Development of IOT Real-Time Groundwater Monitoring System

Session 9
Mr. Ooi Wei Herng (9-7)
Harumanis Mango Leaves Image Segmentation on RGB and HSV Colour Spaces using Fast k-  Means Clustering

Session 10
Mrs. Kokila B (10-3)
Medical Image Prediction using Deep Learning

Session 11
Tan Kar Shen (11-7)
Integrating Vision System to a Pick and Place Cartesian Robot