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Prof. Dr. S. Anila

"Challenges in Biometric Authentication Technique – Importance of Image and Signal Processing"

A biometric recognition system is an automated system that verifies or identifies a person’s identity using a person’s physiological characteristics and/or behavioral characteristics. Face recognition has been growing rapidly in the past few years for its multiple uses in the areas of Law Enforcement, Biometrics, Security, and other commercial uses. Face appears to offer several advantages over other biometric methods. The problem of face recognition has been addressed by functionally dividing it into face detection and face recognition. Different approaches to the problems of face detection and face recognition have been evaluated, and implemented. Importance of signal processing in the EEG based biometrics will be discussed.

Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Ahmad 'Athif Bin Mohd Faudzi

"Emerging Technologies in Robotics for Man-Machine applications"

Emerging technologies in robotics are contributing to productivity and economic growth towards advanced nation. Several innovations have been introduced in CAIRO UTM to address man-machine applications that can be categorized to service robotics, healthcare, agriculture, and smart manufacturing. Inspection and maintenance are examples of service robotics applications that was developed in CAIRO UTM such as soft manipulators, underwater and duct cleaning and inspection robots. These robots are used by industry to assist operators in confined space, narrow and tedious pathway. In healthcare applications, soft exoskeleton glove, ankle-foot orthosis, sach-foot and upper limb rehabilitation are device that involves man-machine interaction. In agriculture application, the development of exoskeleton and harvesting pole address the industrial needs in the palm oil industry. Agriculture research using AI and drones technology will also be shared. Automation mechanism improves the overall efficiency of a manufacturing process by creating efficient means to complete production tasks, flexible and able to handle different situation. In smart manufacturing, few applications such as the maintenance and predictive system, telepresence robotic arm with VR system and AI solutions in smart manufacturing will be discussed. It is hoped that this talk will bring inspiration for more man-machine solutions in Malaysia.

Prof. Dr. Karl Kohlhof

"Comfort Climate Regulation - A Challenge for Man-Machine Coupling based on Artificial Intelligence"