Final Paper Submission Guidelines

In order for your accepted paper to be included in the conference proceedings and thereafter in IEEE Xplore and Scopus, we require that you strictly follow the following instructions:

  1. Please revise your paper according to reviewers’ comments provided to you in the notification email.
  2. Your final paper has to follow the IEEE Full Paper Template. The length of the final paper should be no more than 6 pages in A4 size, including figures, tables and references
  3. Your final paper MUST BE VERIFIED to be IEEE Xplore compatible and we will use IEEE PDF eXpress service to do this job.
    1. The IEEE PDF eXpress can either convert a Word document file to a PDF file which is compatible with IEEE Xplore format, OR verify whether or not your existing PDF file is compatible with IEEE Xplore format. We strongly recommend that you use the IEEE eXpress service to convert your Word document file that you have prepared using IEEE Full Paper Template to PDF format (i.e. first option)
    2. In order to do the conversion or verify the format, please follow the following instructions:
      1. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress site:
      2. Click on the link "New Users - Click Here"
      3. You will need the conference ID. The conference ID is icobe12xp Once the IEEE PDF eXpress account is created, you can access to the IEEE PDF eXpress website
      4. Click "Create New Title" to start converting or verifying your final paper. You can upload your Word document file for conversion to PDF or verify your PDF file by clicking "Submit file for checking or converting" button.
      5. You will receive the online confirmation of successful upload and followed by an e-mail with your checked PDF or converted PDF attached. Forward this e-mail to us as proof of your conversion done by the IEEE PDF eXpress with the attached PDF. Finalise and verify your final paper format of the attached PDF before forwarding to us at / Also attach together the Word document of your paper for our verification purpose.
  4. Please also fill in the ICoMMS2012 Copy Right Form and paper presenter details) and send them together with your final PDF paper.

The deadline for final paper submission is  January 1, 2012. Please visit our website for more  details.

Please note that failure to follow the above instructions may result in your paper to be excluded from the conference proceeding.