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1 Bio Inspired Computation for NP hard Problems Prof Junzo Watada
2 Robotics for Health and Aged Care: Opportunities and Challenges Prof Gamini Disanayage


Following is the abstract of the talk

“Robotics for Health and Aged Care: Opportunities and Challenges”

Robotics has the potential to address one of the major global challenges in the 21st century: population ageing.  A new technology based on the principles of “assistive robotics” is now emerging. Assistive robots are able to work collaboratively with a range of human users; as assistants, as tools and as companions. To achieve this degree of interaction, these machines should perceive and understand human behaviour and needs, communicate with users in a human-centred manner, and respond safely and efficiently to directions.  Recent advances in machine intelligence together with the availability of low-cost sensing and computing platforms have now made it possible build affordable robots that incorporate these capabilities. This talk will discuss the research opportunities in the area of assistive robotics as well as the challenges that need to be overcome for their successful implementation in health and aged care sectors.